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Monday, September 15, 2008

Dem Campaign Chatter 9-15-2008

George Wenschhof


Today, Obama is in Grand Junction and Pueblo, Colorado - Biden is in Flat Rock and St. Clair Shores, Michigan. Both of these are swing states.


The bad news on the economy continues - Lehman Brothers Investment Bank was unable to secure a buyer or negotiate any plan to save them and announced plans to file bankruptcy. While Bank of America announced plans to buy Merril Lynch. has more here.

The New York Times is also reporting that the Insurance Company, American International Group (AIG) is requesting a 50 Billion bridge loan from the Federal Reserve. Read more here.

I guess Lehman Brothers was one Bank too many for the Federal Reserve to bail out. The Federal Reserve actions of late, including the bail out of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have many economists second guessing them. If they step in to help AIG who else will request a bail out?

The more they print money and absorb debt the higher the national debt becomes, devaluing the dollar even further. The Dow, presently at 11,421, will no doubt experience a bumpy ride today - for the last several months it has been an elevator ride up and down from around 11,100 to 11,700 as the Federal Reserve has struggled to create confidence in investors. As of 10:15 AM ET, the Dow was down 309. Stay Tuned for the economy is the issue for Americans today.

President Bush has just announced he will address Reporters on the economic situation today at 11:10 Am ET.


Obama weighs in on the economic turmoil facing Americans today - he blasts the Bush administration and blames them for the crisis hitting Wall Street today. He goes on to link McCain and says we can not afford four more years of the same. has more here.


Wow! So much for Governor Palin being against earmarks - the Wall Street Journal has a article today where they report Governor Palin requested 453 million to fund various projects in Alaska over the last two years. I wonder if Senator McCain will change his comments about Palin being a fiscal conservative. Read more here.


Obama campaign releases new ad calling McCain's ads sleazy - this is the latest in the attack ads by both campaigns. It is entitled "Honor" - Watch it here. There is a point when Americans voters say enough to negative campaigning by both sides and we may be approaching that point now.


Conflicting reports on whether Pakistan forces fired on U.S. Helicopters - the Bush administration, after years of complacency, has stepped up actions inside of Pakistan directed at Taliban and Al Qaeda suspected of being holed up in the mountainous border region of Pakistan and Afghanistan. This has led the new Pakistan administration led by new President Asif Ali Zaradri to issue requests that U.S. forces stay out of his country. has more here.

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