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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Electoral Vote Update 9-28-2008

George Wenschhof

The race remains close and today, has it Obama 286 and McCain 252. These results are before any voter reaction can be measured from the first presidential debate on Friday which I called a draw. The electoral count shows a swing toward Obama which mirrors the national poll numbers which show Obama with a 4-5 point advantage over McCain. You can see below that a draw in a debate does not help McCain. Remember, 270 electoral votes are needed to win.

Last week, it was Obama 273 and McCain 265. The pick up for Obama was Virginia which has 13 electoral votes. There are now 17 states in play and they are listed below. The "*" next to the state indicates a state, that although is indicated as either a Democratic or Republican state, it is currently too close to call. There are ten states currently too close to call. However, the other seven states listed below could also still shift as to who they support.

Virginia moving to Democratic is a big plus for the Obama campaign and the fact that Florida, North Carolina, and Missouri are now weak Republican will keep the pressure on the McCain campaign.

Battleground States - (Electoral Votes), 9-14, 9-21, 9-28

Washington - (11), D-D-D
Colorado - (9), D-D-D*
Minnesota - (10), D-D-D*
Michigan - (17), D-D-D
Pennsylvania - (21), D-D-D

Nevada - (5), R-R-R*
New Mexico - (5), R-D-D
Indiana - (11), R-R-R*
Ohio - (20), R-R-R*
Virginia - (13), R-R-D*

New Battleground States 9-21-2008, 9-28-2008

Wisconsin - (10), D-D
New Hampshire - (4), D-D*
Maine - (4), D-D

West Virginia - (5), R-R
Florida - (27), R-R*

New Battleground States 9-28-2008

Missouri - (11) R*
North Carolina - (15) R*

Stay Tuned. We will provide another update next Sunday.


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