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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dem Campaign Chatter 9-17-2008

George Wenschhof


Today, Obama is in Elko and Las Vegas, Nevada - Biden is in Maumee and Wooster, Ohio and Michelle Obama is in Richmond and Charlottesville, Virginia. All three are swing states.


Obama is back on top by 2 points, 47 - 45 in Reuters/Zogby poll released today.


The Federal Reserve agrees to a 85 Billion loan to American international Group (AIG) - we reported earlier that AIG was seeking a 50 Billion bridge loan from the Fed - their liquidity must have been worse than they originally thought. This comes after the Dow experienced a 500+ loss on Monday and gained back 141 yesterday. has more here.

The problem remains these actions are merely band-aids addressing a much larger problem and increased federal money only devalues the dollar. How the candidates respond to the problems with the economy with real solutions voters can understand will impact this election.


Both candidates, with money to burn, release dueling ads on the economy - Obama's ad is long for TV - 2 minutes and spells out his "plan for change". He speaks of tax breaks for the middle class, energy made in America to be put on a fast track, a crack down on lobbyists, and a responsible end to the war in Iraq. Watch it here.

McCain campaign response ad is more of an attack on Obama - says Obama is only talk and taxes. has more and you can watch the ad here.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announces investigation of Wall Street - look to see who is called to testify for Democrats will surely put the heat on Republican Bush administration officials and force McCain to further distance himself from Bush. has more here.


House passes energy bill that provides for off shore drilling - the Democratic sponsored bipartisan bill survived a Republican challenge and passed 236-189. It also includes ending tax breaks for oil companies and authorizes the sale of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. has more here.


If you want to see and hear more from Governor Palin, watch Hannity and Holmes on Fox News tonight and tomorrow night - Personally, I prefer watching Tina Fey portray Palin. Palin will be interviewed by Sean Hannity today in Youngstown, Ohio where she is campaigning with McCain - read more here.


Former Senator Clinton supporter, Lynn Forrester de Rothschild to endorse McCain today - she was a major donor to the Clinton campaign - her name sounds like money, doesn't it? She was also on the DNC Platform Committee. has more here.

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