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Friday, September 26, 2008

Dem Campaign Chatter 9-26-2008

George Wenschhof

Today, Obama is in Washington D.C. - talks will resume this morning on the financial bail out bill minus House Republicans. Obama is set to fly to Oxford Mississippi to participate in the debate tonight. Let's see if McCain shows. Biden is in Cudahy, Wisconsin.


President Bush to issue statement on bail out talks - He is scheduled to speak from the White House at 9:30 AM ET. Let's see if he asks House Republicans to show up and negotiate to reach agreement on his proposed 700 Billion bail out bill. Bush is expected to discuss the present status of the bail out bill, recognize passionate views and vow to work with Congressional leaders to reach a final bill. W.H. officials have put out that the plan offered by Republican House minority Leader Boehner yesterday to insure private equity was not a good plan.

Wow - hardly inspiring - a two minute speech with no questions - understood members of congress may have different ideas but that everyone realized we must have a rescue plan immediately. He indicated we will have a rescue package fast. This speech by Bush, is a response, in part to the challenge Senator Chris Dodd issued to the President last night when he said we can not pass this bill with a three legged stool - referring to the House Republicans led by Boehner who were holding up the bill. In other words, get your people in line so we can get this bill passed. House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi has indicated she will not move the bill forward without a majority of the House Republicans on board.

Congress is set to resume talks at 11:00 AM - Let's see if the House Republicans show up. Stay Tuned.


Washington Mutual joins the list of banks that have failed - It is the largest bank failure in the history of the U.S. - the FDIC closed it, took it over and sold it to JP Morgan Chase for 1.9 Billion. All of the depositor's money is safe but shareholders took it on the chin. has more here.


First Presidential debate set for 9:00 PM ET tonight - despite all the rhetoric by Senator McCain, I believe the debate will be held as scheduled. It will be held at the University of Mississippi and will be moderated by PBS Jim Lehrer. The theme of tonight's debate is foreign policy and national security. This theme was agreed upon previously by the candidates and the Commission on Presidential Debates. However, expect veteran Jim Lehrer to add some relevant questions on the economy.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) also is hinting McCain will be at the debate tonight. has more here.


CBS Katie Couric interviews Governor Sarah Palin - In case you missed this gem, has the video and the transcript here. If the decision by McCain to choose Palin as his running mate highlights his decision making capabilities, American voters have cause to worry. The interview showed a confused and at times incoherent Palin as she tried to answer national security questions posed to her. Oh, and by the way, did you know she can see Russia from her house?


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