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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain Grandstanding on Economic Crisis - President Bush to address Nation at 9:00 PM

George Wenschhof

Senator John McCain says he will suspend his campaign and requested the debate scheduled for Friday night be postponed. This so he could go to Washington and focus on the economic crisis. Of course, he could have already been there.

This action taken after his poll numbers continue to slide as voters are not comfortable with him handling the economy. This can be best be described as a "Hail Mary" pass designed to save his campaign. He will talk about how he puts the country first, not his campaign for President.

This also comes after Senator Obama called Senator McCain this morning to suggest they issue a joint statement on the economy. You can read the joint statement as well as individual positions by Senator Obama here.

However, this does not erase a entire career in Washington where McCain supported deregulation which happens to be the primary reason the country is facing this economic meltdown today.

President Bush will also address the nation tonight at 9:00 PM ET for the first time since the markets began to tank ten days ago. He will no doubt paint a grim picture, highlight a "9/11" type of event facing the country and create the urgency for passing his three page 700 Billion bail out plan.

Bush has also invited presidential candidates Obama and McCain to meet with him tomorrow to discuss his bail out plan. has more here.

As of this time, both the Obama campaign and the Commission on Presidential Debates have not agreed to a postponement of the debate Friday. MSNBC has more here. Although this debate would be a perfect time to discuss the current economic problems, the planned topics areas are foreign policy and national security.

Stay Tuned.

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