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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sunday Morning "Talking Heads" 6-1-2008

This is the last Sunday before the end of the Democratic Party primary schedule so expect the race between Obama and Clinton for the party nomination to dominate the discussion. Today the Puerto Rico primary takes place but the time will be too early for any results to be discussed. Also expect discussion on any action the DNC Rules & Bylaws committee takes on Saturday in regard to seating the Florida and Michigan delegates. Scott McClellan, former White House Press Secretary with the Bush administration will also appear on several shows discussing his recent book on how the WH sold the public on the war in Iraq.

NBC "Meet the Press" - Scott McClellan appears as well as Obama supporter, former Senator Tom Daschle (S.D.) and Harold Ickes, a Clinton campaign strategist. Ickes suggested that in resolving the Michigan vote, Obama be given 0 delegates since he was not on the ballot - don't look for that suggestion to get much traction with the DNC Rules & Bylaws committee.

ABC "This Week" - Scott McClellan appears again so if you should be able to catch him on at least one show. Also appearing is chairman of the Clinton campaign Terry McAuliffe. As a former chair of the DNC, what will he have to say about the action the DNC rules & bylaws committee may end up taking on Saturday.

CBS "Face the Nation" Senator Claire McCaskill (Missouri) a co-chair of the Obama campaign and Governor Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania, a strong Clinton supporter. Rendell was recently quoted as saying Clinton can't win the nomination. Let's see what he says today.

CNN "Late Edition" will have Senator Bill Nelson (Fla.), a Clinton supporter - what will he say about the rules & bylaws committee decision about Florida and Hillary's chances? Also appearing is Senator Chris Dodd (Conn.) who has endorsed Obama.

"Fox News Sunday" - will have Howard Wolfson, the communications director of the Clinton campaign. He is very good at what he does, but how does he spin the math that shows it is next to impossible for Clinton to win the nomination even if all the delegates from Michigan and Florida were counted? The only way the nomination continues to the convention is if the Clinton campaign appeals the decision by the rules & bylaws committee. The appeal would be heard by the DNC credentials committee and their ruling requires a affirmative vote of the delegates on the first day of the democratic party convention in Denver. Doubtful, this will be discussed, but who knows?

We will be doing some live blogging as the results come in from Puerto Rico on Sunday. For a complete rundown of the Sunday talk shows check out "Sunday talk show tip sheet"

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