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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kentucky and Oregon Democrats Weigh In Today

In Kentucky (51 delegates), the polls close at 7:00 PM ET. On the west coast in Oregon (52 delegates), all the votes are by mail-in ballots and voters may drop off today up to 11:00 PM ET. Although the overwhelming majority of voters in Oregon mailed in their Ballots previously, expect the final results to come in slow.

A Oregon poll conducted by Public Policy Polling from 5-17 to 5-18 indicated that 74% of the poll respondents who had already voted favored Obama by 59%. Their overall poll results indicate Obama 56% and Clinton 38%. Although this looks encouraging for Obama, expect this margin to narrow as Ballots are totaled today.

Survey USA in a poll conducted from 5-16 to 5-18 shows a 2-1 advantage for Clinton 62% to Obama 31%. This margin has remained this way for weeks.

Today's total delegate count by is Obama 1913, Clinton 1721. Since yesterday, Obama has gained 13 delegates and Clinton 3 delegates.

It does not appear Clinton will gain more than a dozen delegates over Obama in today's contests even with a blow out in Kentucky. After today, only three democratic primaries remain: Puerto Rico (55 delegates) June 1, Montana (16 delegates) and S. Dakota (15 delegates) June 3.

We will do some live blogging on the results tonight. Stay Tuned.

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