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Friday, May 16, 2008

Momentum Continues for Obama

Senator Hillary Clinton may have won West Virginia on Tuesday, but it is becoming increasingly clear she has lost the democratic party nomination for president. In addition to John Edward's endorsement, Senator Barack Obama also received the endorsement of NARAL Pro-Choice America. The latter endorsement had to hurt Clinton personally and even some local NARAL groups have questioned the endorsement by NARAL's political action committee.

Where Obama was once trailing by substantial numbers, he now has a 19 superdelegate lead on Clinton 292 - 273 with 234 remaining uncommitted superdelegates. Overall, Obama leads in delegates 1891 - 1719 according to This puts him within 134 delegates of the 2025 needed for the party nomination.

The Obama campaign is putting out the word they will have won the majority of pledged delegates after the primaries next Tuesday in Kentucky and Oregon. As I mentioned in an earlier post even Florida and Michigan being counted in some sort of compromise deal will not help Clinton now.

So the exit watch has begun. Will Senator Clinton bow out gracefully after next Tuesday or will she continue until the last primaries on June 3rd?

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