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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sunday Morning "Talking Heads" 5-11-2008

Terry McAuliffe, the campaign chair of the Clinton campaign must be a glutton for punishment. He appears on NBC "Meet the Press" and CBS "Face the Nation". Some may remember when McAuliffe's nickname was "McAwful" when he was the chair of the Democratic National Committee.

John Edwards who has yet to endorse and in reality at this point, it doesn't matter, will be on CBS "Face the Nation". It was odd that as a former Senator from North Carolina, he did not take a position prior to their primary last Tuesday. Maybe because of his honest passion of helping the less fortunate, he will be considered for the Secretary of HUD appointment.

"Fox News Sunday" has campaign advisers: For Obama - Axelrod and Clinton - Wolfson. Expect the following: Axelrod will say it is over, the math is clear and now Obama even leads in superdelgates. Wolfson will stay with the same tired refrain that Clinton is more electable.

ABC "This Week" has Senator Harry Reid (D-nev.) His time as Senate Majority Leader is probably running out - assuming the democrats add to their majority in the Senate, they are likely to choose a new leader. Reid has not received glowing endorsements for his work as majority leader.

CNN "Late Edition" Maryland representative Chris Van Hollen will most likely talk about his thoughts on democratic gains in the House in this election. He is the chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). This committee has been very successful in raising funds so they will be able to aid targeted congressional campaigns.

In Maryland, 6 of the 8 congressional districts are democrat. District 1, a former republican district is now an open seat and may receive funding support from the DCCC for they will feel they have a chance at winning an open seat. District 6 in Md., is the other republican district represented by eight term congressman Roscoe Bartlett. Unless polling indicates this seat is vunerable, don't expect DCCC money of any significance here.

For a complete rundown of the Sunday morning talk shows check out "Sunday talk show tip sheet".

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