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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Democratic Campaign Chatter 5-31-2008

The DNC Rules & Bylaws committee met in a closed session last evening for over five hours prior to their public meeting scheduled for today. It has been reported differences of opinions were shared but a civil discourse took place without an agreed solution. You can read more here. The public meeting will be where they make their decision on the seating of the Michigan and Florida delegates. This will receive some live TV coverage so check around your dial - MSNBC has it on now - 9:52 AM ET. We will post the decision by the committee when we know it.


Josh Marshall of has a good read entitled "Who's Disenfranchised?". He accurately points out that many voters in Florida and Michigan knew the states had been sanctioned and therefore did not participate - How does the DNC adjust for this?


The Catholic League issued a statement of criticism toward Senator Barack Obama for not severing his ties to Reverend Pfleger who recently gave a controversial speech mocking Senator Hillary Clinton. Read more here.

-------------------- is reporting Obama is likely to hold an election kick-off Tuesday night at the Excel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. Interestingly, this is the site of the Republican convention.


Senator Ted Kennedy asks fellow democratic Senators Barbara Mikuski (Md.) and Chris Dodd (Conn.) to help with bills on mental health and higher education until he returns to the Senate. Read more here.


Today, Eleanor Clift of Newsweek has a column entitled "Hillary, You Didn't Win. Now Don't Whine".

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