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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Democratic Campaign Chatter 5-25-2008

NY Daily News has on their front page a letter from Senator Clinton entitled "Hillary: why I continue to run". She explains the unfortunate statement she made pertaining to the Robert Kennedy assassination, speaks of representing women, the importance of allowing everyone to vote, how she has won the important swing states needed to win the 270 electoral votes in November, and then concludes with how the Democrats will unite to support the nominee.

McClatchey reports that the co-chair of senator Clinton's National Hispanic Leadership Council has switched his support and now endorses Senator Obama.

The NY Times Op-ed by Debby Applegate entitled "Two can Make History" is a good read.

Obama and Clinton campaign in Puerto Rico. who holds their primary on June 1.

Current Delegate Count is Obama 1969, Clinton 1780. If Obama continues to pick up 2-3 superdelegates per day prior to the primaries on June 3 in Montana and S. Dakota, he will have won the required 2025 delegates for the nomination. With these superdelegates, he would only need to win 45% of the pledged delegates in the remaining three contests to reach the 2025 figure.

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