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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Democratic Campaign Chatter 5-28-2008

The DNC "Rules & Bylaws Committee meets this Saturday in D.C. to determine what to do in regard to Florida and Michigan. These two states had their 366 delegates stripped due to their moving up their primaries to a date not sanctioned by the DNC. It is now being reported that lawyers for the DNC have advised the committee members as to their options.

No more than 50% of the delegates can be restored per the rules. However, they can make a recommendation to the "Credentials Committee" to fully restore the delegates. If the latter is the recommendation, the credentials committee decision would need to be ratified by the full convention on the first day they meet. Read more Here. Even with all the Michigan and Florida delegates restored, Hillary would need to win over 66% of the remaining delegates to reach the new number of 2210 delegates. The math simply does not work for the Clinton campaign.


Mark Halperin of has his thoughts on "How the Democratic Nomination Fight could go beyond next Wednesday". Click here to read.


Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan has a new "tell all" book appropriately titled "What Happened Inside the Bush White House - Washington Culture of Deception". In a not too surprising statement, McClellen says Bush relied on propaganda to sell the war in Iraq. has a good read here.


Today's total delegate count stands at Obama 1977, Clinton 1780. If the yardsticks are not moved after the DNC committee meets Saturday, Obama now only needs 49 delegates to reach 2026 and secure the nomination.


Obama, Clinton and McCain issue a joint statement calling for an end to the violence in Darfur. has a good read here. I wonder why President George W. Bush did not weigh in.


The New York Observer weighs in on the Democratic Veepstakes, suggesting Virginia freshman Senator Jim Webb would be a good choice for Obama. Read more here. In spite of Webb's experience as former Secretary of Navy and Viet Nam veteran, don't look for a freshman Senator to be chosen as a running mate in this election.


In a much to do about nothing statement, the Republican National Committee issued a statement saying that Obama was not truthful when he spoke to veterans over the weekend discussing his uncle's participation in the liberation of Auschwitz. This German concentration camp was in fact liberated by the Soviets in WW II. The Obama campaign immediately admitted he had misspoke - it was his great-uncle who was among troops who liberated one of the concentration camps at Buchenwald. Read more Here.


A desperate Clinton sends letter to superdelegates, pleading for their support. Read letter here.


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