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Friday, May 16, 2008

Obama Responds to Bush Comments on Appeasement

President George W. Bush while speaking to the Israel Knesset, made comments many felt were directed toward Senator Barack Obama's lack of foreign policy experience and his support of appeasement. Of course, the failed foreign policy directives of the Bush administration over the last seven plus years, including no progress in the middle east talks, were not highlighted in the Israel speech.

The comments attributed to President Bush could easily been directed to former President Jimmy Carter who recently met with leaders of Hamas in Syria much to the chagrin of the Bush administration. Nonetheless, it was Obama was fielded the comments and responded today in a speech given in S. Dakota, a state along with Montana who hold the last democratic primaries on June 3rd. Here is the video.

Last night, Cris Matthews on his MSNBC show "Hardball", got into a heated exchange with conservative radio talk show host, Kevin James. It turns out Mr. James has absolutely no idea what the word "appeasement" means - watch video of the exchange. Chris Matthews during his show last night also referred to a quote used by John F. Kennedy in regard to U.S. foreign policy that went something like this "...while the U.S. will never negotiate out of fear, the U.S. will never fear to negotiate.." - a foreign policy directive that still makes sense today.

Former republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, also decided to side with President Bush and Senator McCain's comments. Romney speaking to the NRA today in Kentucky tried to ridicule Obama for wanting to have discussions with the leaders of Iran, Cuba, and North Korea.

Even Senator Hillary Clinton, who is still battling Obama for the democratic party nomination, spoke in defense of Obama. She spelled out how horrible the U.S. foreign policy has been under the republican George W. Bush administration.

This is a battle the republicans can not win and it is disgraceful for an American President while addressing a foreign government's leadership, to interject politics in a speech.

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