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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sunday "Talking Heads"

Face The Nation - CBS looks interesting. Howard Dean - DNC Chair will appear here and on "This Week" - ABC He is urging do-over primaries or caucuses in Michigan and Florida but is refusing to pay for it. The punitive action taken by the DNC resulted in disenfranchising democratic voters in these states after they held non-sanctioned primaries.

Besides trying to save face on a disastrous decision by the DNC, the other reason Dean is refusing to pay for do-overs is they are low on funds. In a year when Democrats are setting all time records in raising funds, the DNC has less than 3 million cash on hand. Dean is sure to be replaced after this election.

"Meet The Press" has Pa. Governor Ed Rendell. Their primary is April 22nd with 158 pledged and 30 super delegates. This is the largest of any of the remaining primaries unless Florida with a total of 210 delegates holds a do-over. The latest poll by Rasmussen on 3-5 shows Clinton at 52% and Obama 37%. However, this primary is about six weeks away so these numbers will change.

For a complete rundown read "Sunday talk show tip sheet".

Today, it is Wyoming and their 12 pledged and 6 super delegates. We will report later today on the results.

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