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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sunday 3-16-2008 "Talking Heads"

With the economy continuing to be held up by very wobbly legs, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson will appear on three different shows. I'm sure he will be telling us that although we are facing some tough times, don't worry too much even though repeated rate drops by the federal reserve and their infusion of 200 Billion has not had any significant effect on a troublesome economy.

What will be his reaction to financial giant Bear Stearns needing cash from the Fed and JP Morgan Chase to keep afloat:

While they have him on their shows, how about asking about why we have $100+ a barrel for oil, rising energy prices, rising unemployment, and a falling dollar overseas. I'm sure everyone will be told not to worry, the check (for $700) is in the mail.

Bill Bradley (D), a former candidate for President and New Jersey Senator will be on "Meet the Press". He has endorsed Senator Obama. He was also an all-star with the New York Knicks.

"Face the Nation" will have Governor Deval Patrick (Mass.). Remember, it was the Clinton campaign who accused Obama of plagiarism for using some statements attributed to Deval in some of his speeches. What was left out was the fact Deval was helping on the Obama campaign.

For a complete rundown of the Sunday talk shows, has their "Sunday talk show tip sheet"

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