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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Obama Wins Wyoming

With 91% of the vote being reported, Obama has 58% and Clinton 41%. Wyoming has a total of 12 pledged delegates and 6 superdelegates. Think you have heard enough of the weird manner in which delegates are awarded for the democratic candidates?

In Wyoming, 7 of the 12 pledged delegates are awarded today based on the proportion of the vote received by the candidate. This would result in 4 for Obama and 3 for Clinton, a net gain of 1 for Obama. The other 5 delegates are awarded at the state convention held in Jackson on memorial day.

In spite of any spin to the contrary, this was expected and will not result in any momentum.

Next up is Mississippi on Tuesday. Heavily favored for Obama, this state's 33 pledged delegates will be up for grabs. They also have 7 superdelegates. Clinton, realizing every delegate is important was campaigning in the state today. Her husband has been there for days traveling across the state.

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