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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sunday Morning 3-23-08 "Talking Heads"

George Stephanopoulos on ABC'c "This Week" has Chuch Hagel, a Republican Senator from Nebraska. He has opposed the war in Iraq and it will be interesting to hear his thoughts after five years of disappointing U.S. entanglement in this country.

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson Bill Richardson will be on "Fox News Sunday". He just endorsed Senator Barack Obama even though he was pressed hard by both Clintons for his endorsement. This has to be a blow for Senator Clinton for Bill Richardson was appointed to two cabinet positions under her husband's administration.

Indiana Senator Evan Bayh who is a supporter of Senator Clinton is on CNN "late Edition". Indiana along with North Carolina are the first states after Pennsylvania to hold a democratic primary. On May 6th, 72 pledged delegates will be up for grabs from Indiana and 115 pledged delegates from North Carolina. Senator Clinton is favored in Indiana and Senator Obama is expected to do well in N.C.

For a complete rundown has their "Sunday talk show tip sheet"

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