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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mississippi Results - Obama Wins Big

Polls have just closed so numbers will begin to trickle in. Some early exit polls show 67% favored Obama top of the ticket 41% Clinton. 62% said Obama would defeat Republican nominee. Obama won 91% of the Black vote. As to former President Bill Clinton's influence 33% said it helped, 33% said it hurt, 33% said it did not matter. Only 14% said they decided late and Clinton won those 55% to 44% to Obama. Looks like a 60+% win for Obama - Let's see...

8:19 PM NBC calls it for Obama - as I said was expected.

Political correctness seems to have run amok today with comments attributed to Geraldine Ferraro. Ferraro was a New York congresswoman and the Vice-President candidate with Walter Mondale in 1984 and has been serving on the fundraising committee for Senator Clinton. She first said something like Senator Obama has only gotten this far because he is Black and later when questioned about her comment said she was only getting attacked because she is White. Wow!

This coupled with the news pertaining to New York Governor Spitzer and a prostitution sting can not be helpful to Senator Clinton. I believe they are both superdelegates who have pledged their support to Clinton - yikes! Although Clinton said she did not agree with the comments attributed to Ferraro, she has not asked her to step down from her position in the campaign. Nor has she voiced an opinion on the Spitzer situation.

With only 5% reporting Clinton has 50% Obama 48% - very early numbers

Obama will be on the Chris Matthews Show at 10:00 PM MSNBC

9:24 PM 12% reporting - Clinton 49% Obama 49%, 9:43 PM 29% reporting Obama 56% Clinton 42%
10:00 PM 40% reporting: Obama 54% Clinton 44%
10:15 PM 58% reporting: Obama 57% Clinton 41% This is now beginning to look closer to the exit polling
10:34 PM 73% reporting: Obama 58% Clinton 40% If this holds, Obama will pick up the 7 delegates that I predicted in an earlier post.
10:54 PM 89% reporting Obama 59% Clinton 39%

The exit polls showed the turnout of voters was approximately 50 - 50 between Blacks and Whites. Obama won 90% of the Black vote and 27% of the White vote.

The Obama campaign which is flush with cash may decide to try to take out Clinton in Pa. There is six weeks before this primary so with directed campaigning, they may be able to at least come within 5 points if they don't win it. This would put an end to the Clinton campaign which has already come back twice after being counted out. On the other hand, Pa. is pivotal for Clinton for she must win by at least 10 points to be able to stay in the race. Stay Tuned!

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