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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sunday "Talking Heads"

CBS "Face The Nation" has former Democratic candidates for President, Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson. Dodd recently endorsed Obama. Will Richardson endorse Clinton?

DNC Chair Howard Dean is on CNN's Late Edition. He has to be hoping the Democratic nominee is settled soon and before the convention. Having to hold costly do-over primaries in Michigan and Florida or have the nomination decided by superdelegates is not something Dean wants to see unfold. All the attention given in this election to the convoluted manner in which delegates are won by Democratic candidates for President hopefully results in a thorough review leading to reasonable changes by the DNC.

FISA, also referred to as electronic surveillance legislation is discussed on several of the shows. has a complete rundown on their "Sunday talk show tip sheet". Click here to read:

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