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Monday, March 10, 2008

Democratic Campaign Chatter

For the last week the Clinton campaign has been floating the idea of a dream ticket with Hillary at the top of the ticket and Obama as V.P.

This after several weeks of saying Obama was not qualified to lead on day one. Senator Obama, seeing the irony of this issues a reply:

Now Howard Wolfson of the Clinton campaign, realizing they can't say he is ready for V.P. when they are arguing against his ability to lead on day one if elected President, has changed the spin and said Obama would have to prove over the next five months his ability to be chosen as the V.P.

Stay tuned to the following stories for they may all have an impact on the democratic nomination:

Former Senator Bill Bradley, an Obama supporter wants former President Bill Clinton to disclose all financial contributions to his Library. He feels those who make these contributions may want preferential treatment should Hillary win.

Also, there is the continued talk about where are the tax returns for Senator Clinton and when will her schedule for the time she was the First Lady in the White House be released?

Tom Daschle, former House majority leader finally said what many were already thinking: Why does being First Lady for eight years give Senator Clinton more experience to lead this country than Senator Obama? He also correctly pointed out that Obama, counting his years in state office, has been in elected office longer than Clinton.

Gov. Rendell of Pa., a Clinton supporter on "Meet The Press" said that caucuses were not democratic. This was in response to his saying no to a caucus do-over in Michigan. While the Governor's statement may be true, it was statements like this that bit Howard Dean in the rear prior to his defeat in Iowa in 2004.

Obama has to be watching closely the Trial of Tony Rezko, an early supporter in Obama's career. One in which he was involved with in a land transaction when they were neighbors. Obama bought a piece of land from Rezko years ago to add to his property and there were questions pertaining to the value v. what he paid at the time.

So on and on it goes.......

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