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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Obama and Clinton Discuss the Economy

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Clinton's housing crisis plan
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In the 1992 presidential campaign it was Bill Clinton who made points with the saying "It's the economy, stupid". Today, in the eight year of the Republican George W. Bush administration the economy again is the number one concern of American voters and the new phrase may well be "it's a stupid economy".

The factors are many that have led the country into the current economic morass ranging from the sub prime mortgage market debacle, a falling U.S. dollar, loss of jobs overseas, the failure across the board in efforts to deregulate energy costs, increased national debt and reliance on foreign investment to back the debt, and the list goes on...

The presidential candidate that presents a economic plan that strikes a chord with American voters will benefit at the polls in November.

Here is a good read by Reuters on the economic plans of the candidates for president.

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