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Monday, March 17, 2008

Our Poll Results on Do-Over Primaries

Last week we asked "Should Dems hold do-over primaries in Michigan and Florida"? The results were Yes - 55%, No - 36%, Undecided - 9%.

*The polls conducted on our site are not scientific and are based on responses from viewers who choose to participate.

The news being reported so far indicates the re-do primary in Florida is still a work in progress. The vote by mail scenario appears to be failing for a variety of reasons. One being the inability to verify signatures. The state legislature also will need to approve a revote. There is plenty of momentum but a lack of direction at the moment - the best bet would be a re-do with state certification and the state being reimbursed for the cost.

The latter is what seems to be moving forward in Michigan where they appear to be heading for a re-do primary in early June.

Here is a good read entitled "Dem Convention needs Fla. and Mich."

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