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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Clinton and Obama to Debate in Philadelphia has reported that both Senator Clinton and Senator Obama have agreed to a debate to be held on 4-16-2008 in Philadelphia:

Also reported is that Obama has accepted a debate invitation by CBS in North Carolina on 4-19 to be hosted by Katie Couric and Bob Scheiffer. The N.C. primary with 115 pledged delegates is on May 6th.

As we get closer to the date of the debate and more details are known we will post on our site. has an average of Clinton +16 in four polls conducted since 3-7-2008 The latest on 3-12 by Rassmussen has Clinton 51% Obama 38% This is way early to take these polls seriously as the primary is not until 4-22.

Pa. has 158 pledged delegates and another 30 superdelegates. Interestingly, if Clinton did win the state by a 16 point margin she would pick up approximately 24 more pledged delegates than Obama. Currently the totals including committed superdelegates are Obama 1618 and Clinton 1494.

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