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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Richardson Fails to Endorse

Today on CBS "Face The Nation", New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson refused to endorse either Senator Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. He instead said he felt good about both candidates but did not feel endorsements were that important to the voter.

He hoped that after the primaries Tuesday on March 4th, whoever has the most delegates would be looked upon as the Democratic nominee. Richardson stated his concern with the negativity in the race and wanted the Democratic party to unite around one candidate and begin preparations against the Republican nominee. The concern focused on a continuing campaign that would increase negativity in the race between supporters of the candidates.

Governor Richardson also felt that the superdelegates should not determine the Democratic nominee and hoped the Party would act to deal with this following this election. When asked who should be considered as a Vice-President running mate, he did not directly mention himself, but instead said the person should have the qualities that would make a good President and should not be chosen based on their ability to garner votes for the ticket.

The Governor indicated he might yet endorse prior to Tuesday's primaries. It is getting a little late for that to have any effect whatsoever. He may as well just let it go at this point.

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