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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Waste Disposal in Frederick County, MD

George Wenschhof

As we have written earlier, this is not an easy issue for elected officials to tackle. Whether to build an Incinerator, expand the existing landfill, locate a new landfill, increase recycling or some combination of these options, the decision made will have an impact on the Frederick County, Maryland community for many years to come.

We invited the two Democrats on the Frederick County Board of Commissioners to share their positions on our site as we are a Democratic News and Commentary site.

However, this is not a partisan issue and we encourage all residents of Frederick County to read up on this matter and let their county commissioners know how they wish trash to be disposed of in the future.

Although we received commitments from both County Commissioners to write a series of columns on this issue, we only received the first column from Board President Jan Gardner on the original agreed upon date. We delayed publication after requests from Commissioner Hagen.

We had planned and both commissioners agreed to publish both columns on the same day, to give the readers a side by side comparison. However, in fairness to Board President Gardner we will publish her column today as she did take the time in her busy schedule to submit on the original agreed upon date. Commissioner Hagen has indicated he will be able to participate in the remaining series of columns and we look forward to publishing his views on this issue.

The second column from both Commissioners is scheduled to be published on August 6, 2008.

We want to thank Board President Jan Gardner for taking the time to write this column to share with you. By doing so, it shows her continued desire for open government.

Stay Tuned

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