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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Democratic campaign Chatter 7-6-2008

Obama endorsed by NEA - The National Education Association endorsed Obama at their annual convention Friday. Yesterday, Obama addressed the convention via satellite and called for merit pay for Teachers. This was not as well received by the Teachers in attendance as his pledge to address the "No Child left Behind" legislation. The NEA may spend up to 50 million on this election. Read more here.


Howard Dean and the DNC way behind in Convention planning - It was bad enough to have to deal with the aftermath of a poor decision to strip Michigan and Florida of their delegates for moving their primaries to a date not sanctioned by the DNC. Now, the Democratic National Committee seems to be unable to properly plan for a convention they knew was coming for years. The Obama campaign has now sent staff to Denver to help get a handle on the event. Read more here.


McCain to begin his economic tour this week - Obama recently concluded a two week economic tour and has sent out a lengthy memo outlining his economic plan compared to the plan of McCain. Read it here. The problem with economic plans is most voters don't want to hear the details - what they want to see is results.


More Clinton staff join the Obama campaign - Familiar name, Patti Solis Doyle, former Hillary Clinton campaign manager begins her job as chief of staff for the yet to be named VP - does this mean an announcement is coming soon? - Probably not.

Also now on board are Madaleine Albright, former Secretary of State under Bill Clinton, Gene Sperling, former White House economic adviser under Clinton, Stuart Eizenstat, trade specialist, and Neena Tanden who will head up domestic policy for Obama.

Even John Podesta, former White house Chief of Staff under Clinton is being talked to in regard to heading up the transition operation should Obama win in November. Read more here.

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