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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Campaign Chatter

Today, Obama is in Afghanistan - the beginning of his overseas trip - He left D.C. Thursday and flew secretly to Kuwait to meet yesterday with U.S. troops stationed there. has more here. The turmoil in Afghanistan has increased and there is discussion of several military Brigades leaving Iraq and sent there. On his trip, Obama will also visit Iraq, Israel, Jordon, France, Germany and England. Read more from here. You can count on Obama winning the headlines for the next week as he travels abroad. Stay Tuned.

Iraq Prime Minister Nuri al-Malicki supports Obama's 16 month plan for U.S. troop withdrawal - He would not say he preferred one candidate over the other as that was a decision for the voters. This comes after informing President Bush Iraq wanted a timetable for withdraw before they would reach a security agreement. Bush has now said he would support a "time horizon" for withdraw of U.S. troops - whatever that means. has more here.

Former Republican Senator Phil Graham reigns as national co-chair of McCain campaign - why did it take this long? He should have been fired after his "we are a nation of whiners" comment. His major role with the campaign was advise on the economy - go figure. has more here.


Speaking of the economy - the New York Times has a good read today - by Peter S. Goodman entitled "Uncomfortable Answers to Questions on the Economy".


Obama campaign talking to Al Gore about his help with fundraising - Seems there may be a high ticket event at the home of Al and Tipper Gore and a more public type of event. has more here.

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