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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Democratic campaign Chatter 7-2-2008

Today, Obama is in Colorado Springs, Colorado - He will give a speech on "A New Era of Service". It was John F. Kennedy and his 1960 Presidential campaign who inspired many to enter the Peace Corps. One of his many famous lines was "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country". In the afternoon, he will address the United Steelworker's Annual Convention via satellite. Tonight, he will attend a fundraiser in Colorado Springs.


More Bad News on the Bush economy - continued lagging home sales and rising gas prices have led to - guess what? - a drop in sales from the auto industry. Ford - down 28%, Toyota - down 21%, General Motors - down 18%. A rise in unemployment is sure to follow. The New York times has a good read here. The economy will continue to be the number one concern for voters.


Is Obama moving too far to the right? Some of the more liberal Netroots are not happy with his lack of action on FISA which is in front of the Senate today. Both and Democracy for America (DFA), two large liberal Netroots organizations are lobbying against passage of the compromise FISA bill.

Senator Russ Feingold has said he may try to filibuster the bill. The compromise bill still has language that would provide immunity to telecoms who provided information on individuals to the government.

Obama's support of President Bush's faith based initiatives also drew fire yesterday as liberal democrats have always believed in the separation of church and state. His recent statements on free trade, gun control, and the death penalty are also examples of his moving closer to the center. Here is a good read entitled "Debating Obama's Move to the Middle".


A discounted loan for Obama? - The Washington Post has a article today entitled "Obama Got Discount on Home Loan". It does not appear it is unusual, but in this climate of distrust of bankers and the mortgage business, it is another one of those bumps in a campaign. Remember, the head of Obama's VP search committee resigned after his ties to countrywide mortgage were revealed and several senators, including Chris Dodd (Conn.) have been reported as having received favorable loans from countrywide.


Will Obama receive an endorsement from Colin Powell? - The Republicans certainly hope not. It is reported that Obama met with General Powell last week in his Alexandria, Virginia office. Read more here.


Obama's foreign policy discussed - Anthony Lake, a former US national security adviser and one of Obama's current foreign policy advisers speaks with the Financial Times. He discusses the nuclear threat capability in Iran, the withdrawal from Iraq, and cooperation from European countries. Read more here.


Governor Kathleen Sebelius (D-Kan.) receives a good write up in the today - It is entitled "Sebelius - a blue star in red state". She was an early supporter of Obama and is on the short list for his VP. However, don't count on her being picked. If Obama picks a woman as his running mate it will be Senator Hillary Clinton.

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