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Friday, July 25, 2008

Today's Campaign Chatter

Today, Obama is in France - His overseas trip has been a huge success so far with his speech yesterday to over 200,000 in Germany exceeding expectations. Think Obama can fill the 75,000 seat Denver "Mile High" stadium for his Democratic party acceptance speech? You bet ya!

After he meets with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Obama is off to London this afternoon. has more here.


Stock Market continues roller coaster ride - yesterday the Dow Jones dropped 283 points after gains following the announcement of a government bail out of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Unemployment went up when traditionally summer months result in reduced unemployment. Ford Motor company also reported a 8.7 Billion loss and plant closings as they retool. In addition, Housing sales dropped. The New York Times has more here.


The painful deregulation craze of the last several decades is hopefully coming to an end. Whether it was the airline industry, electric industry, banking industry and others, the unfortunate consequences have been higher prices and less service. All of which has aided in the precarious economic situation encompassing America today. It is time for responsible government intervention. The Wall Street Journal has a column entitled "Amid Turmoil, U.S. Turns away from decades of deregulation".


Obama scheduled to meet with the Democratic House caucus - next Tuesday, he will meet with the full membership. This is great timing for he will have just returned from his overseas trip and will give them a firsthand account.

-------------------- has changed it's ratings on 14 house races - 12 in favor of the Democrats and 2 in favor of Republicans. Read more here.


Will New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson make the Democratic convention? - Seems, his state legislature will be in session and if it runs long, he intends to stay and take care of his state business. Does this mean he is out of consideration for the VP pick? NBC has more here.

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