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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Republican Phil Graham says we are a Nation of Whiners

Geez, and this guy is giving economic advise to Senator McCain? The former Senator from Texas who has a doctorate in economics said the United States was a nation of whiners suffering from mental recession. Read more here. Maybe, this guy who is currently the vice-chairman of the Swiss Bank UBS, isn't hurting - but what about all the hard working men and women across the U.S.?

This gaff will make people forget the "open mike" ridiculous statement made by Reverend Jesse Jackson earlier this week in regard to Senator Obama in a hurry.

Gas over $4 a gallon, rising energy costs, foreclosures at an all time high - Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in trouble, unemployment continuing to climb, American industry in decline, the American financial system under an incredible strain - I guess this is just a figment of our imagination.

McCain responds with Graham does not speak for me, (read more here) while Obama has fun with Graham's statement saying "we already have one Dr. Phil". Watch video of Obama Speech here.

McCain is already under fire for previous statements he made saying the economy is not his strong suit. This makes that statement painfully clear. Polls show the economy is the number one concern of the voters.

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Anonymous said...

Phil Graham is a disgusting IDIOT he should crawl back to his rock. Shame on him!!!!

ibud said...

The highest insult ever thrown at american population by an American.
The fact that it was made by a senile idiot who is just another civilized cowboy from the South like G.W. is hardly an excuse!