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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dem Campaign Chatter 7-27-2008

Today, Obama is on "Meet the Press" for the full hour - Tune in to see the discussion with Tom Brokaw. In Chicago, Obama will attend and speak at a event sponsored by the minority journalist alliance called UNITY - CNN will televise. has more here. McCain was invited but declined.


In new Ad, McCain attacks Obama for cancelling troop visit - McCain is trying everything to get attention - this is about the planned try to visit troops in Germany military hospital after the Obama campaign received some advise from the Pentagon. has the video and more here.

-------------------- has a good read today on Obama's just concluded overseas trip pointing out the positives and where the McCain campaign will try to find fault. It is entitled "5 lasting impacts of Obama's grand voyage".


Senator Hillary Clinton says she will campaign for Obama in several states during August. The Obama campaign will announce where and when later. The New York Observer has more here.

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