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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Democratic Campaign Chatter 7-5-2008

Here is a good read for the day after the fourth of July - Bob Herbert has a column in the New York times today entitled "Cause for Alarm". He discusses all the maladies facing America today and how patrtriotism involves more than waving a flag.


So much for Democratic Unity - A New poll released by CNN and Opinion Research Corporation shows Clinton supporters are still not warming up to Obama. In an earlier poll after Obama secured the nomination, results showed 22% of Clinton supporters would simply not vote - that number in the recent poll is now 33%. Presently, only 54% of Clinton supporters said they will vote for Obama. Interestingly, 43% of registered Democratic voters still say they would prefer Clinton as the nominee. Read poll results - pdf.

These results are to be expected. It is only one month after the last Democratic primaries so lingering wounds from a hard fought primary still exist. However, as November nears and on election day, Democrats will vote for Obama over McCain. They will see the danger of electing McCain with no answers to a economy on the brink of collapse, having a ultra conservative supreme court, a lack of support of women's rights, a continuation of the "stone age" foreign policy of the Bush administration, and a lack of affordable health care to all Americans.


Speaking of Democratic Unity - Obama and Clinton to hit NY City - Next week they will work the Big Apple for cash and votes. They will attend a breakfast with "Women for Obama" and the DNC's Women's Leadership Forum. Read more here.


Illegal Immigration and a billion dollar boondoggle border fence - The New York Times has a good read today on the lack of a coherent and effective national policy on Immigration. Read it here. It is likely this issue will be become as important to voters as the economy, the war in Iraq, and affordable health care. So far, in the Presidential election, this issue has not received it's due attention.


Democratic Veepstakes update - Here is a good read on Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed. Although not well known, he is receiving consideration. You can check him out on "This Week" tomorrow morning.

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