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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Campaign Chatter

Today, Obama is in NYC for a fundraiser in the AM - He will be accompanied by Hillary Clinton. Here is his Speech. In the afternoon he heads to Fairfax, Virginia to hold a Town Hall meeting entitled "Economic Security for America's Women". He recently hired a Clinton adviser, Dana Singiser to head up his campaign's outreach to women.


Jesse Jackson apologizes - disparaging remarks he made directed to Senator Obama were picked up by an open mike by Fox News a few days ago. He was upset at what he felt was Obama talking down to Blacks. At several speeches at Black churches, Obama has spoken of the responsibilities of fatherhood. Read more here.

Obama accepted the apology - interestingly, some pundits were saying last night that this latest episode involving race may actually help Obama with the working class white male voter. Racial issues will inevitably continue to come up as the campaign nears election day. As Obama said in his speech on race after the first Reverand Wright controversy, having an open dialog on the subject is a good thing. Stay Tuned.


Iran tests more Missiles and Rhetoric heats up - Iran test fired additional missiles yesterday leading to a statement from U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. She said the U.S. was determined to prevent Iran from threatening the U.S. and it's allies in the region. Let's hope this does not ratchet up to the level of military air strikes by Israel or the U.S. on Iran - this would add fuel to an already volatile situation in the Middle East. Read more here. Stay Tuned.

-------------------- has a good read today - " Dems follow Obama down centrist path". Obama has signaled his move to the center since becoming the presumptive Democratic nominee. Remember, Bill Clinton won with a more broad based appeal to voters.


Update: 12:00 PM ET - More Bad Economic News - Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac shares were down today in early trading - this needs to be watched closely. Both were created by acts of Congress and currently own or guarantee half of the home mortgage debt. Read more here.

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