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Monday, April 28, 2008

Today's Must Reads

Out of the countless op-eds and articles read daily, several caught my attention and I highly recommend.

Elizabeth Edwards, the wife of former Democratic candidate for President John Edwards has a op-ed piece in the NY Times on media coverage of the campaign. She is battling cancer and in this piece she talks about the need for the media to concentrate on the specifics each candidate has on health care. This as opposed to the "gotcha" style of media reporting on the campaign.

Former President Jimmy Carter, fresh from a trip to Syria where he met with leaders of Hamas writes about how the U.S. needs a foreign policy that involves negotiation rather than isolation.

The Huffungton Post talks about today's announcement the Pentagon Suspends Military Media Analysts program. The fact that the Pentagon was using retired Military analysts to spin the Iraq War on TV is incredible and should result in congressional hearings. Both democratic candidates for President have denounced this program.

While The Hill talks about the Supreme Court upholds voter ID law. This pertains to the state of Indiana who was requiring photo identification of voters. This law was supported by Republicans and opposed by Democrats. Reportedly, other states have similar laws they wish to advance and were awaiting this decision. Democrats have argued this would lead to the disenfranchisement of many poor voters who do not have driver licenses or other type of photo identification - a sort of modern day poll tax. With the Democratic primary in Indiana only a week away, it will be interesting to see what Obama and Clinton have to say on this subject.

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