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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Clinton PA Victory Speech and Obama Speaks from Indiana

For those of you who did not stay up long enough to watch the late speeches from Clinton and Obama last night -Here is the Clinton victory speech and here is a clip from the Obama speech from a rally in Evansville, Indiana.

As I indicated in an earlier post, it is doubtful Senator Clinton will gain more than 15 delegates over Senator Obama as a result of yesterday's primary in Pennsylvania. However, her victory has prompted a surge of cash to her campaign which was desperately needed. Some reports are saying the Clinton campaign has raised 3 million since last night. is showing an allocation of 146 of the 158 delegates from Pennsylvania so far with 80 to Clinton and 66 to Obama so if the remaining 12 delegates are split, Clinton ends up with a plus 14 delegates. They are showing the total delegate count to be Obama - 1716 and Clinton - 1588, a 128 delegate difference.

Yet, the Obama campaign has shown they are able to maintain the huge donations to their campaign due to the large number of Internet contributions under $100. It is highly unlikely Clinton will be able to make up the 128 delegate difference in the remaining primaries. However, it is also highly unlikely that Obama can close out the primary schedule with the 2025 needed to secure the nomination. There are only 408 pledged delgates available to be won from the remaining primaries.

The remaining unpledged 300 Superdelegates along with a Florida and Michigan resolution will be the deciders in this race unless one candidates withdraws from the race prior to the end of the primary schedule on June 3rd.

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