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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

American Idol Politics 101

Whitney M. Duck

I cannot be the only person out here in voter land that can see the strange parallel between the race for the White House 2008 and the race to become the 2008 American Idol winner. It appears that both contests are running on emotions and not on whom is the best qualified for the job.

It appears that if someone utters the wrong word or gives the wrong impression, this can jolt the voter into another candidate's camp. I have never seen the voting public so fluid! The constant ups and downs and ins and outs of each candidate can make a person dizzy! Because of this, the American voter transforms into a voter that is easily swayed by emotional issues and not the cut and dry issues of the day. Please let me explain.

Over the last few months - okay maybe over the last year, I have watched office seekers and the Congress sway one way and then to sway another way. I have listened to the "talking heads". All of them seem to have insight about the American voter, which the American voter might not even have! Poll after poll is released and taken apart to the nearest tenth of a percent. The matching of the noise made on the campaign trail to the poll numbers, at times, appears not to match at all. At this point in time, I would like to put my own two cents in with these compelling and nonscientific observations –

1. The once heir a parent, Senator Hillary Clinton, is now an albatross hanging around the Democratic Party's neck. Any Governor or member of Congress, who came out early for Senator Clinton, now must deal with a huge backlash about their decision. It appears that nothing can stop her or make her go away, no matter how lousy she does in the next primary! She has become the fly that you cannot kill who keeps buzzing around your head!

2. Senator Barack Obama is more human then we thought. It is the little things that throw him. He cannot shake off a bad debate performance and move forward. He is not able to make a love connection with many voters and he is dumb founded by this. Sure he can speak to a crowd but what about how I feel?

3. Senator John McCain is not as smart about the economy as we would like a President to be. True he has served his country and is a hero. This is not enough to keep the naysayer away. His own party has expressed grave doubts about Senator McCain's ability to lead the Conservative Movement. I am not so sure I want flip answers about the national economy.

4. Neither one of the democratic candidates have been able to put the other away with a win. Instead they make false statements or nasty comments about each other's ability. There is no clear front runner. There is no one leading the pack. There is not one single message that rings clearly and loudly to unite the American voter.

It appears that every primary has become a "do you like me vote?" instead of a vote about the issues facing America today. Because each candidate sings a different tune in each state contest there is no single theme that binds the candidate and their party together. There is no front runner or leader to cheer for. It also appears that if one person is for Clinton and not for Obama, race gets interjected. If a voter is for Obama and not for Clinton, then gender is brought forth as the reason.

If the voter is pro McCain, then they must be pro-war and pro-business. I am not so sure that any one of the above statements rings as the deciding point with any voter. I do know that there is an Anti-Clinton, Anti-Obama, and Anti-McCain voter out there and these are the voters that all of the candidates must convince in order to seal their victory in November!

If the voting population could dial in every week and score the candidates as they are able to do for the contestants on American Idol, I not so sure there would be any of them standing! As a life long Democrat, I had my first chance to vote for either a women or African American as my party's nominee for President of the United States! What a historical election to take part in!

Much to my sadness, neither Sen. Clinton nor Sen. Obama has given me that one single issue or promise that sends my vote straight into their corner. I truly do not know how they stand on some of the big national issues facing the country today. What I do know is, that they both believe that can beat Sen. McCain in November and both appear to be of sound mind to be the President.

McCain, I am not too sure of the sound mind idea. I hear he has a bad temper! So does my dog, but my dog is not running for office! I can no longer stand the daily droning on about character and who is going more negative. Give me a plan! Give me some hope! Give the reason to vote for either one of you! I do not want the same old song about the evil of President Bush and the current government. I know way too much about that and not about how it can fixed!

Sing to me a song of equal opportunity and positive government! I had a shudder moment last week when Sen. Clinton talked about Iran and their nuclear program. Is she making plans for a nuclear hit if Iran goes after Israel? The comment was made with too much haste and not a lot of discussion! Neither Sen. Obama nor Sen. McCain had enough time to weigh in on this statement. I say, let's put Sen. Clinton up for the vote!!! If you think this is a good idea press #1. If you do not think this is good idea press #2.

This is important stuff and the voter must be allowed to weigh in! Alas, the moment has passed and we are now dealing with Reverend Wright and his appearance at the Washington Press Club. I do believe that the comment about using nuclear weapons is worth far more discussion then the wringing of hands of what Rev. Wright did or did not say.

See what happens when we pay too much attention to the "like me" idea instead of "what is going on in world" idea!!! The real truth gets lost in the muck and mire and never gets a fair hearing. No, we would much rather the talking heads on TV set the tone for what will or won't be discussed. Can someone bring me some polling results?! Ah, those change hour by hour!

With the North Carolina and Indiana primaries coming up next Tuesday, I would like to see and hear some real policy and solution talk among the candidates. I want to hear how they each view the issues of the day and how will they go about changing what is broken. Especially with gas prices and the troubles facing the over all economy! I would like to see the constant pecking at each other stopped and begin a real debate, front and center, about the state of our union.

I do not want a song and dance routine either!!! Stop the music!!! Stop the back biting!!!! Stop and listen to the voters!!!! Will somebody hand me my cell phone! I want to cast my vote!! Hey what is with the busy signal? Oh well, I will catch them on the flip side!

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