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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Former MD 6th District Candidate Selected to Fill local Democratic Central Committee Position

I received the following from Bob Kreslein and have published for you to read.

For Immediate Release Date: 4/24/2008

Contact: Robert Kresslein

Frederick, MD -

The Frederick County Democratic State Central Committee recently selected former 6th District Congressional Candidate Andrew Duck to fill the vacancy on the committee created by the resignation of Adam Schultz. Mr. Schultz resigned in March to attend University of Oregon Law School. Mr. Duck will serve until September 2010 finishing out the balance of Mr. Schultz's term. A prompt selection of Mr. Schultz's replacement was necessary for the local committee to comply with party rules requiring gender-balanced representation. Each committee must comply with party rules in order to participate in the Maryland Democratic Party meeting scheduled for May 3, at which committee members will select the final slate of unpledged party leaders and elected official delegates (i.e. superdelegates) to the Democratic National Convention in Denver Colorado this summer.

Robert Kresslein, local Democratic Party Chair stated, "We are extremely please that Andrew applied for and was selected for this position, he brings vital energy and real campaign experience to the committee." Mr. Duck was the 6th District Democratic nominee for Congress in 2006, but was defeated by incumbent Representative Roscoe Bartlett. He ran unsuccessfully against current Democratic Congressional nominee, Jennifer Dougherty in February's primary, but gave an immediate and strong endorsement of his former opponent.

"Andrew has demonstrated his loyalty to the party and his ability to see the big picture," added Mr. Kresslein, "and he brings expertise in fundraising and organization to the committee."

Four applicants vied for the position, including Mr. Duck, Frederick Community College, Professor Ken Kerr, Stephen Wilhide, a retired health care consultant and J. Burke Miller, a recent graduate of the University of Maryland. According to Mr. Kresslein, "Each of the applicants offered an important entrée into an important segment of our community and each possessed an expertise and enthusiasm for the mission of the party; we will be asking them to stay involved."

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