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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama Responds to Recent Speeches By Wright

The recent speeches by Reverend Wright in Detroit on Sunday and yesterday in Washington D.C. prompted Senator Barack Obama to hold a news conference this afternoon on this subject. This comes exactly one week before the primaries in North Carolina and Indiana so this kind of press attention can not be helpful to the Obama campaign. Here are some of the first responses from the pundits:

MSNBC First Read (includes video) - Obama Denounces Wright

The Huffington Post ( includes video) - Obama: Wright's statements "Offend Me, They Rightfully Offend All Americans"

NY Times The Caucus - Obama Says He's Outraged by Ex-Pastor's Comments

Talking Points Memo (includes video) - Obama on Wright

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I listened to his denouncement. Okay so let's move along. At the end he says it is time to talk about the issues and that we are in the midst of a major debate. Three days of press on this is enough. I agree. So why doesn't he pick up the phone and call Senator Clinton and ask for debate of the issues. One-on-one, no moderators to taint anything. He wants to reach the people on the issues, so let's see him do it. Anything less than a one-on-one debate makes him just another politician. Let him prove he is different.

Woodbury, MN