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Friday, April 18, 2008

Edwards, Biden, Carter and Gore - Peacekeepers or Deciders?

George Wenschhof

These four men so far have stayed out of the fray as democrats determine their candidate for President. All four are influential democrats who can play an important role as peacekeepers or as decision makers for the party.

John Edwards has been noncommittal since he suspended his campaign for the democratic party nomination despite meetings arranged by both the Obama and Clinton campaigns. The only inkling of how he may be leaning is comments attributed to his wife Elizabeth. Mrs. Edwards who is battling cancer has stated that she felt the Senator Clinton's health care plan was better than the one offered by Senator Obama.

Senator Biden also a former candidate for the nomination has stated he is not interested in being selected as the vice-president running mate of the eventual nominee or as serving as secretary of state. Remember, it was Biden who early on, was attributed with saying that Senator Obama had a good appearance and spoke well. Although this statement was questioned by some at the time as having some racial overtones, Biden made follow up statements and Obama made a statement in support of Biden.

Former President Jimmy Carter is meeting with Hammas leaders in Syria today much to the consternation of the George w. Bush administration. Carter believes that Hammas should be included in negotiations leading to Israel - Palestinian peace. Although the Bush administration officials have called for Carter to be excluded from the democratic convention in August, look for Carter to not only be there but to be heard from. Indications are that he favors Senator Obama as he has publicly stated his whole family likes Obama.

It is also unlikely that former vice-president and 2004 democratic party candidate for president Al Gore will endorse prior to the convention. Many still feel he won the 2000 election that put George W. Bush in office. You may recall that in that campaign he did not enlist the aid of President Bill Clinton in his campaign so it is doubtful Gore will endorse Senator Hillary Clinton. Gore tremendous success in battling the effects of global warming have lead his supporters to hope for a draft Gore movement at the democratic convention in August.

Meanwhile Howard Dean becoming increasingly paranoid over the failure to date of determining the nominee, a trait hardly becoming of a chair of the Democratic National Committee. He is calling for uncommitted superdelegates to make up their minds now - watch CNN video.

Dean does not realize that this continued battle for the nomination has been a positive for the democratic party and has helped energize voters. He should be dusting off the party rules and guidelines that surround the procedures of a democratic convention so all the rules are followed properly at the convention.

Dean fails to realize that all the attention is on the democrats, leaving the presumptive republican nominee Senator John McCain battling for recognition of the voters. Voters are tired of the conventions that are merely a coronation for the democratic presidential nominee and long for a convention that has meaning.

Let's hope the voters all across the country are who decides the democratic nominee.

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