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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

9/11 Commission Vice-Chair Lee Hamilton to Endorse Obama Today

Indiana holds it's primary on May 6th and has 72 pledged delegates up for grabs. The endorsement of Senator Barack Obama by Lee Hamilton a former Indiana representative is expected today. His endorsement counters the long term support of popular Indiana Senator Evan Bayh of Clinton. Hamilton's long term service in the House and his extensive foreign policy involvement is sure to help add credibilty to Obama in the area of international affairs. To read more click here:

On May 6th Indiana (72 pledged delegates) and North Carolina (115 pledged delegates) hold their primaries. They are the first states to follow Pennsylvania who has their primary on April 22nd with 158 pledged delegates. Guam with 4 pledged delegates is on May 3rd.

More bad news for Sentor Hillary Clinton is a Pennsylvania poll released today by Public Policy Polling conducted from 3-31 to 4-1 shows Obama in the lead with 45% to Clinton - 43%: It was only weeks ago that Clinton had a 20+ point lead. The Obama campaign is spending heavily there buying media at a 3-1 advantage over the Clinton campaign.

The early finance reports indicate that Obama continued his torrid pace in fundraising with 30 million in March. Althought the Clinton campaign has been bashed lately by many in the media for not paying their bills, they reportedly raised 20 million in March. Surely, it is time for publicly funded campaigns.

In North Carolina, the early polls show Obama with a large lead. A poll conducted by Public Policy Polling from 3-29 to 3-30 shows Obama - 54% Clinton - 36%:

While an early poll in Indiana by SurveyUSA from 3-29 to 3-31 shows Clinton with 52% and Obama 43%:

It is still three weeks until the Pennsylvania primary so the polling information will change. Senator Clinton needs a solid victory here for a victory by only 5 points or less will not give her campaign the boost it needs. A narrow victory could lead to the exit of Clinton from the campaign.

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