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Friday, April 18, 2008

MD 6th District Fundraising Totals

Total Raised and Spent


Roscoe G. Bartlett (R)*

Raised: $114,079
Spent: $31,729
Cash on hand: $279,585
Last Report: 3/31/2008

B/L/I pie


Jennifer P. Dougherty (D)

Raised: $47,690
Spent: $28,448
Cash on hand: $19,240
Last Report: 3/31/2008

B/L/I pie


The above information is provided by The cash on hand is significant as republican incumbent Roscoe Bartlett has $279, 585 compared to democratic challenger Jennifer Dougherty who has only $19,240.
Due primarily to the heavily weighted republican registration in the 6th district, Roscoe Bartlett has held this seat for 16 years. This, in spite of his ineffective record of serving the voters in western Maryland.


Anonymous said...

We can't let Roscoe win again!! He is so out of touch with his district. Jennifer Dougherty needs to raise more money. SO..let's all give her some! Be involved! I will give 100 to her campaign. any idea where to send it? COME ON. Let's send Roscoe home so I can have my husband back from Iraq!

Anonymous said...

I won't vote for Jennifer, let alone send her any money after the horrible way she acted in her only term as mayor. Then when Ron Young beat her in the primary she turned around and helped the republican candidate get elected.

CenterRight said...

Link to her website. A link is provided on George's page.
What is really bothersome about this report is the percentage of money Roscoe receives from PAC's.

CenterRight said...

Please provide proof. Proof is not the venom of Roy Meachum.

Anonymous said...

As one who does not support Bartlett, I will not vote for Dougherty. Is there a Green Party candidate?