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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

PA DEM Primary Results - Live Blogging

Some have said a high voter turnout will favor Senator Obama - the result of massive voter registration drives - It is being reported that several counties in the state have actually gone from republican to democratic as a result of high voter registration by Dems. Besides a double digit win, Senator Clinton will be looking for a 200,000 total vote advantage in the state - this would help her campaign's argument of being ahead in the overall vote at the end of the primary schedule.

Both campaigns are lowering expectations - Obama campaign saying they were behind by 20 points at one time and the Clinton campaign talking about how Obama outspent them 3-1 in PA.

Another rumor has a large group of superdelegates set to go public with their support of Obama. This is the second time in the last few weeks this rumor has surfaced.

Beautiful weather across the state may be helping the 2 million voters who are expected at the polls today. There were some reports of voting machines not working but nothing out of the normal according to state election officials.

I saw a very funny short (30-45 second or so) clip on TV late afternoon called "Baracky:The Movie" It was based on the theme of the movie "Rocky" with Obama in the role of Rocky and Clinton his opponent. Anybody have a link to it we can post? I have not been able to find it.

6:37 PM ET Exit polls are coming out now - Who they believe will be the eventual nominee? 54% Obama, 43% Clinton - This is a tough one for Clinton, Gun Owners - 58% Clinton, 42% Obama, College degree - Obama 54%, Clinton 46%. I believe the link I provided will be updated as exit polls are released. The PA Polls close at 8:00 PM ET.

7:25 PM Sure enough, the Dem. Party is reporting voter turnout will double the 26% turnout in 2004 - this is a huge number for a primary. Drudge in the link above shows a 5pm exit poll showing Clinton 52%, Obama 48% - no one else is reporting these numbers and it is early.

7:55PM ET Polls close in five minutes. Women are voting for Clinton by large numbers. 20% of the voters made up their minds within last week and 58% supported Clinton. 92% of Black vote went to Obama but only 14% of dem voters in PA are Black. Younger voters and new voters are also going to Obama.

8:15 PM ET Obama is on his way to a rally in Indiana while PA remains too close to call. The bottom line has it that if Clinton only wins by 4-6 points, her campaign will have difficulty staying in for the funds will most certainly slow and her debts are huge. While the cash keeps rolling in for Obama.

8:37 PM ET MSNBC has early numbers 65% Clinton 35% Obama with 0% precincts reporting. This means nothing.

8:49 PM ET MSNBC projects Clinton the winner. 3% reporting 55% Clinton 45% Obama

Last Sunday, I published a post where I predicted Clinton winning 52-48 over Obama. The spread is very important for Clinton - the larger the spread, the more likely she stays in and is able to raise funds. However, a 4 point win by Clinton will give more attention to the newest Obama slogan "stop the drama-vote Obama".

9:09 PM ET 9% precincts reporting, Clinton 54%, Obama 46%. If Clinton wins by 8 points or more her campaign will talk about being outspent 3-1 by Obama and they still won. The Clinton campaign is already raising the issue that Obama can not close it out.

9:34 PM ET 22% reporting, Clinton 53% Obama 47%, 10:14 PM ET 58% reporting Clinton-55% Obama-45%
Senator Clinton is about to give her victory speech.

10:15 PM ET Clinton victory speech - stakes are high and challenges are great - stays with the theme she will be a president ready to lead on day one. making the economy work for working class. believe in the promise of America-in the race to fight for you - everyone that has been counted out, those who are paying the outrageous prices at the gas pump. I will stand up for you in the White House. commend Obama in this race, went on about young girls being able to do anything they want. This is your victory tonight. We need to be able to compete with an opponent that outspends us so dramatically - this campaign is in your hands. some people wanted me to quit-the American people don't quit and the voters need a president that will not quit either (good line). because of you the tide is turning - although outspent 3-1, the people of PA had other ideas today. Time to start solving our problems-I have been offering solutions. independence from foreign oil. health care for every American, real improvements in public education, renewed commitment to science. I look forward to speaking to the voters in Indiana and N.C. and the rest of the states as we move forward. She is honored by the support of the voters in PA - thanked Ed Rendell, Nutter, husband Bill, daughter and the rest. If she is able to pull off the dem nomination, Gov. Rendell will be on the short list for V.P. We need to be the can do nation, break the barriers and lift up all people, will we take back the white house and out country - hope can become reality - "yes we will" a good speech. Obama will speak next even though the loser typically speaks first.

10:15 PM ET 74% reporting Clinton 54% Obama 46%

10:44 Pm ET Obama speaks from Indiana at a rally with singer John Mellencamp, - congratulated Senator Clinton for her victory today and thanked the thousands of PA voters for their support. they registered a record number of voters - were not blown out. we are here because workers in a Indiana town losing their jobs because the plant moved overseas. people worrying about if their paycheck will pay the bills. we can't afford to play the same Washington games with the same players. McCain not offering any meaningful changes from Bush. Hammered McCain for some time. The question is will we bring about change? the crowd began chanting "yes we can!" We all hold common hopes for the future. Change occurs from the bottom up. He used a 2004 slogan of Howard Dean - "you have the power"

11:11 PM ET 86% reporting Clinton 55% Obama 45% The undecideds went for Clinton by a large margin and contributed in a big way to her victory. The negative attacks on Obama worked in Ohio, Texas and now PA - this will add to the argument how would he withstand the sure to come attacks from the Republicans? This win in PA will allow Clinton to continue but she needs to raise funds asap and she needs to narrow the 9 point deficit in N.C. and she needs to win in Indiana that she is leading by only 2 points. These primaries are in two weeks on May 6th.

A 8-10 point loss after out spending Clinton 3-1 is not good, but Obama still has the delegate lead and a substantial war chest. For Clinton, she needed this win - now let's see what she can do in two weeks.

Let the spin begin. Goodnight

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Anonymous said...

He outspent her 2-1, not three to one. And he closed 14% from a 23 point lead. Not bad. 1,000,000+ Pennsylvanians voted for Senator Obama. Now the question is--could Hillary Clinton heal the party as a nominee? Can she appeal to the party's base? It's why she must win North Carolina.