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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

NY Times Weighs In on Supreme Court Campaign Finance Ruling -
another disappointing 5-4 ruling against providing some balance to the unlimited spending in campaigns today. You can read it here.


Obama to Visit Iowa to Highlight Manufacturing -
the president continues with his theme of innovation in manufacturing will lead to job creation. He will visit a factory in Bettendorf, Iowa today that produces an alloy for airplanes. The Wall Street Journal has more here.

The problem for the president is his themes are not catching on as unemployment remains high. Last year, it was "recovery summer", which turned out to be a dud.

The president is correct when he talks about innovation and investing in the energy field. However, jobs are needed now.


Lagarde the Favorite to be Picked Today -
The International Monetary Fund is expected to name French finance minister Christine Lagarde today as the new director.
She would replace Dominique Strauss, who resigned recently after being accused of sexually assaulting a New york City maid. has more here.


Differences Remain in Budget Talks as Obama-McConnell Talk -
the goal of reaching an agreement on 2 trillion in cuts hinges on Republicans agreeing on $400,000 of the cuts a result in raising revenues. For now, both sides are not moving in their position. Meanwhile, the August 2 date for default on the nation's debt looms. has more here.

Look to see a two step solution reached which will require yet another vote by Congress prior to the 2012 election. Both Republicans and Democrats can then hope their position will be bolstered right before voters go to the polls. A silly solution, but then again, it's politics, isn't it?


Bachmann Has House Seat to Fall Back To -
in all likelihood, the presidential run by Minnesota Representative Michelle Bachmann will fizzle out prior to summer of next year. which is fine for the far right leaning Republican. No Republican has come forward to express interest in her seat and she has until June of next year to file for reelection. Bad news for those Minnesotans who want her out of office. has more here.


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