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Monday, June 20, 2011

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Countdown With Keith Olbermann Premiers Tonight -
the name stays the same, but the station has changed. You can watch his show here.


Busy Day For Obama As Father's Day is Over -
he will meet with White House advisers in the morning and Vice President Biden and Secretary of State Clinton later in the day. The president is also hosting a meeting with a group of bipartisan mayors from across the country to discuss the economy and job creation.

Tonight, Obama will attend two Democratic Party fund raisers.


Jon Huntsman Is Officially in Tomorrow -
the former Republican Governor of Utah and more recently, U.S. Ambassador to China will formally announce his campaign tomorrow. He has been lining up both former president Bush supporters to help with raising funds.

David Axelrod, former Obama White House Adviser and now Obama campaign director is already dishing the dirt on Huntsman, pointing out his company's vast ties around the world, including a chemical company in Iran.


Texas Governor Rick Perry The Next One To Join GOP Presidential Wannabees? -
at the Republican Leadership conference over the weekend he is sounding like a candidate. Chris Cillizza of has more here.

Seems a decision could be made in weeks.


NATO Admits Air Strikes Killed Civilians -
the horrors of the civil war in Libya are on display as nine civilians were killed in a recent air strike. The home they were in was mistakenly hit. has more here.

This news come as more members of Congress are calling for President Obama to ask for a vote supporting U.S. military action in Libya under the War Powers Act. the White House and surrogates are pushing back that the current U.S. military action does not fall under the War Powers Act. Stay Tuned..


Will Same Sex Marriage Pass In New York? -
today is the last day the state legislature meets and Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) is hoping one more vote is found in the state senate to pass the bill he introduced. has more here.


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