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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Michele Obama Returns from Goodwill trip To Africa -
traveling with her mother and daughters, the first Lady was warming received as she met with political and community leaders in South Africa and Botswana. She will return to Washington on Monday morning. You can read more here.


Romney/Bachmann Lead Iowa Poll -
the Des Moines Register poll has Mitt Romney barely beating Michelle Bachmann; 23-22%, with Herman Cane coming in third with 10%. The other five candidates vying for the Republican Party nomination for president did not hit double digits. You can read more on the poll results here.

It is still way early to take polls seriously. However, Romney leading in a state he is not campaigning in and newly announced Michele Bachmann coming in a close second speaks volumes on the lack of credible GOP candidates.


Wisconsin Justice Involved in Supporting Union-Busting Bill Grabs Woman Justice by The Neck -
yep, that would be state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser. Seems he did not like the argument put forward by fellow Justice Ann Walsh Bradley. has more here.

If, this story is true, Prosser, who barely won reelection in a contested race, should resign immediately.


Andrew Cuomo in 2016? -
the buzz is already starting speculating on whether the Democratic NY Governor will run for president. This follows his personal successful push for approval of same-sex marriage in the state. has more here.


Pelosi attacks GOP on CNN "State of The Union" -
the Democratic House Minority Leader told Candy Crowley, winning an election as an incumbent is difficult when unemployment is high. But, she said the Republicans were the incumbents and are responsible for the high unemployment - the GOP won the House majority in the 2010 elections. pelosi also went on to criticize rep. Paul Ryan's budget plan saying voters do not like attacks on their Social Security and Medicare. has more here.


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