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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Wal-Mart Wins Big - Women Lose -
in a decision by the Supreme Court yesterday. Women and workers in general, were the losers in the decision against hearing a case on sex discrimination brought by 1.5 million women against Wal-Mart.

The decision, in part, says the complaint was too large to be heard. The NY Times has more here.
Individual suits by a handful of women are still likely to proceed.

The narrow 5-4 decision was split along ideological lines with all three women Justices voting in dissent. The NY Times also has a good editorial on this decision and how it will make it harder for class action suits to proceed in the future. You can read it here.


Huntsman Announcement Today -
at 10:00 AM ET at Liberty State Park in New Jersey, Jon Huntsman makes his official announcement. The newest Republican candidate for president is considered a serious challenge to front runner Mitt Romney. You can read excerpts of his speech here.


Biden led Deficit Talks pick Up Speed -
as the self imposed deadline of July 1 nears, Vice President Joe Biden will meet four times this week with a bipartisan group of Congressional Leaders. Yesterday, a group of Mayors visiting the White House, informed President Obama that job creation needs to be the number one national focus. has more here.


Obama To Announce Afghanistan Troop Withdraw -
not as fast as most would hope, but a beginning in reduction of the number of troops in Afghanistan. Tomorrow night in a speech, President Obama will set the timetable of the withdrawal of the 33,000 troops involved in the "surge" strategy. Overall withdraw is not expected until 2014. The Washington Post has more here.

Early reports indicate Obama will recommend a withdrawal of 10,000 troops tomorrow night in his speech.


Columnist Eugene Robinson Takes Obama To Task on Libya -
calling the White House's position that the hostilities in Libya do not fall under the War Powers Act nonsense. A good read and a position on which I agree. You can read his column here.


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