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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Michelle Obama To Begin 5 Day African Trip - the First Lady will visit sub-Saharan Africa to highlight HIV/AIDs projects and to also inspire young adults. As the trip unfolds, some are questioning the the amount of attention given to the continent by President Obama since he became president. The Washington Post has more here.


Payroll Tax Holiday Proposed by Obama -
is receiving a ho-hum reaction from Democrats who are concerned the first round of payroll tax breaks did nothing to stimulate the economy. has more here.


Reid Backs Obama on Libya -
the democratic Senate Majority Leader says the U.S. military action in Libya does not fall under the War Powers Act. His statement comes as a strong bipartisan push on Capitol Hill wants a Congressional vote.

Meanwhile, NATO air strikes in Libya hits Rebels and civilian home. Reuters,com has more here.


Huntsman's Worldwide Businesses A Concern in Presidential Bid -
seems the former U.S. China Ambassador has businesses worldwide which employ over 12,000 with 9 Billion yearly revenue. Including a former embarrassing chemical manufacturing company in Iran which sold, in part, material used in the building of long range missiles. has a good read here

This comes as Jon Huntsman prepares to formally announce his campaign for the Republican Party nomination for President.


NY Times takes Obama To Task For Expanding Surveillance Rules -
the rules which were expanded after 9/11 by former Attorney General John Ashcroft, will be even further expanded when the F.B.I. issues new guidelines. Conducting lie detector tests, deploying surveillance teams and going through one's trash will be permitted without any need of proff of wrong doing. You can read more here.


Greece Looking For More Bail Out Funds -
just a year after receiving approval of a 157 billion international loan package, Greece is seeking approval of another 157 billion. The European Union and the IMF have been demanding Greece implement tax increases and spending cuts. Stay tuned, for as goes Greece, so goes Europe, with the world wide economy surely to suffer as a result of a default. You can read more here.


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