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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Obama To Meet With House Republicans -
today at the White House to discuss raising the debt limit by 2.4 Trillion. Republicans have been demanding corresponding cuts in spending and yesterday held a symbolic vote against raising the debt limit without any spending cuts. AP has more here.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) will bring with him a statement signed by 150 House Republicans calling for significant spending cuts. has more here.


Another Palin Friendly Fox News Interview -
this time, from Greta Van Susteren. In the interview, Palin bashes the mainstream media and explains the purpose of her Northeast bus tour. Fox News has more here.

Last night, Palin took time off from her bus tour to share pizza with Donald Trump in New York. You can read more here.


Poll Shows Republicans Losing Budget Battle With Ryan Plan -
a new poll conducted by The Herndon Alliance and Protect Your Care shows voters oppose the voucher plan to replace Medicare proposed in the Republican Ryan budget plan. Democrats are winning the credibility war when it come to Medicare and "protecting the middle class". has more here.


Keep an Eye On Christie -
In another sign the Republican presidential field is weak, last night NJ Governor Chris Christie meet with Iowa Republican donors with his wife in attendance. Christie is headed to Iowa later this summer. has more here.


Private Sector Job Growth Slows -
it was much lower than expected and the lowest in eight months. More troubling news on the economy as summer begins, a time when jobs are traditionally added to the work force. has more here.


U.S. Continues Effort to talk With Taliban in Afghanistan -
the difficulty is finding who the important players are in this loosely knit organization. U.S. military and political analysts believe this is an important strategy in ending involvement in Afghanistan and if successful would lead to early withdrawal of American troops. You can read more here.


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