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Monday, December 22, 2008

A Visit from St. Nick (of time!)

Ken Kerr Bio

'Twas the end of the year, when all through the nation

The people were stirring with mild trepidation.

Saddam had been hanged by the Sunnis with care,

But outside the Greenzone, fear still hangs in the air.

Cuba's Castro fell ill, and took to his bed,

But his brother Raul took over as head.

Will 700 billion, big banks got a big bailout,

And execs still got big bonuses—can't figure that one out.

The boys from Detroit wanted some of that action.

They tried and they tried, but got no satisfaction.

The in came George Bush, dipping into his stash.

And after some scolding, came across with the cash.

To every reporter Bush will give interview,

As Karl Rove tries to make Bush's image a-new.

And then what should assault the membrane of my ear?

Dick Chaney as well, trying to remake his career.

And they talked and they talked and they never stopped trying.

But except for Fox News—no one was buying.

Then more rapid than light speed, Right-Wing Radio came.

When Karl Rove whistles, the moths circle the flame.

Come on Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Coulter, Ingram, and Hannity.

Will you give it a rest? For the sake of humanity!

For the past 30 years, we heard all your denying.

Yet we elected Obama despite all of your lying.

As Bush leave District, there are few who will cry.

He's been such an obstacle—time to bid him goodbye.

Soon into the Whitehouse, the Obamas will move,

With those cute little girls and a puppy dog, too.

Things are bound to get better, and for those who need proof,

Take a look at the Cabinet he's put under that roof.

With Democrats controlling both Congressional Houses,

Let's hope they turn out to be lions, not mouses.

'Cause in Russia we've still got Medvedev and Putin.

We've got to make sure they don't want to start shootin'.

In North Korea, Kim Jong Il is now back.

One thing is for sure—that dude is Whack!

Hugo Chavez is holding on in Venezuela.

He don't like us much, and he's the first one to tell ya.

We still have a few friends, like most of West Europe

Now that President Cowboy is headed back to his stirrups.

Still the stump of his legacy sticks in our teeth.

It will take quite a while for that to get some relief.

And Right here at home, we've still got lots of trouble:

A national debt we've seen double . . .and double,

Two million jobs we've lost in just one year,

With more layoffs, plant closings, and foreclosure fear.

With a wink of her eye, Sarah Palin looms large,

But her daughter's soon Mom-in-law faces felony drug charge.

The Republican Party is in total despair

That will take several decades to begin to repair.

So we place all our hopes in the man we just chose,

We can't expect too much too soon, I suppose.

All our shoulders to the wheel and in total support,

In no time, there will be some good news to report.

So now let me exclaim, as I'm ceasing to write,

Merry Christmas to all . . . may we all be alright.


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