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Friday, December 26, 2008

Democratic Chatter 12-26-2008

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President-elect remains in Hawaii with his family - He took the time yesterday to visit a Marine Base and visit with the troops. The NY Times has more here. Later, he and his family enjoyed a traditional holiday meal of Turkey and Ham with all the Trimmings. Obama is expected to return home after New Years, after spending about two weeks on his last vacation before assuming office.


Governor Blagojevich (D-Ill.) attorney asks Illinois state legislative impeachment committee to subpoena 12 witnesses - Ed Gensen who is the attorney representing Blagojevich made this request and three of the individuals who were requested to testify are incoming chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Valarie Jarrett, and Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. - The Washington Post has more here.

This request, if approved could prove to be messy for the incoming administration. Although, nothing illegal has reportedly been done by any of the individuals, a long drawn out impeachment hearing would not be helpful to the incoming administration.

The action by Gensen appears to be more posturing on his part for his client. I would guess he is angling for some sort of limited immunity for Blagojevich in return for his resignation.


Grand Jury investigating possible pay-to-play activities that may include New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson - seems a California firm who had contributed to Richardson's political campaigns won a lucrative government contract. Richardson was recently nominated for Commerce Secretary. has more here.


Representative Gene Green (D-Tex.) informs House Speaker Pelosi he will not continue as Chair of the Ethics committee - He became acting chair after the death of Stephanie Tubbs Jones in August. The Ethics committee is presently investigating Representative Charles Rangel (D-NY). has more here.


The Inaugural Balls are almost upon us - These celebrations by each state take place in Washington D.C. prior to the swearing-in ceremonies on January 20.

My home state of Maryland is having theirs on Sunday, January 18 at the Washington Mayflower Hotel. The tickets are $125.00 - This seems to be the going price as I have been invited to Inaugural Balls from other states and the cost is the same. You can find out more about the Maryland Inaugural Ball by going to their website here.

The President-elect has also set up a Presidential Inauguration Committee (PIC) where you can find all kinds of information. There are also volunteer opportunities at many events for those who are interested. You can find out more here.


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